Brooklyn began here. The land that became Boerum Hill was part of the tow of Breuckelen, one of the six original towns that made up what is now the borough of Brooklyn. Read more.... in the article by April Panzer.

This great New Yorker article by Jervis Anderson written in 1977 chronicles “The Making of Boerum Hill.” Read about the early days that led to today’s renaissance.

Long time Boerum Hill Resident L. J. Davis, a journalist and novelist who wrote about money and business, real estate and home renovation, the Industrial Revolution and his beloved Brooklyn, often with wry or sardonic humor, passed away in 2011 at age 70. This pamphlet was originally composed in 1967 and reprinted in 1973. l A History of Boerum Hill

Resident T. G Butson wrote about the Boerum Hill Community while at Long Island University in 1971. He received an “A” for his effort. This paper is in 4 parts. l Boerum Hill A New York Community

Block, and neighborhood associations, were instrumental in making neighborhoods more liveable. This 1970 New York magazine article by L.J. Davis highlights their efforts and struggles. l NY Mag – Block Assoc

Resident Wendy Smith wrote this wonderful and warm profile for Preservation Magazine in March 1998. Read why we choose to live here.

In 2000, the Atlantic Avenue Betterment Association produced a beautiful walking guide about the avenue's history. The neighborhood has changed since then and continues to change. Take a walk through the pages.