Concerns about 80 Flatbush continue. Construction will bring new challenges including noise, dust, vibration, rodents, street closures, traffic and more. What will the construction hours be? This page will be used to give you information and updates as we move to the construction phase

A group of residents from most affected blocks of State Street, have created an organization that has filed a suit based on a lack of promised transition from Downtown to Boerum Hill. 
Go to their website and read the posted documents. You can click on the “Pay Dues” button to donate to the legal fund. 

    On July 15th, the concrete barriers and construction fence were installed along the 500 block of State Street. The fence is located roughly at the center of State Street. The southern parking lane is the only travel lane for the remainder of construction. No parking is allowed on most of the block. 
    Below is an interim report about the work.
    Construction fence:
    • DOT approval for the construction staging plan; the plan includes the following:
    • Closure of Schermerhorn slip lane (between 3rd Ave and Flatbush Ave);
    • Northern parking lane and travel lane on State Street (southern parking lane will become travel lane)
    Portion of Flatbush Ave sidewalk:
    • Construction fence erection has begun along Flatbush Ave and along State Street; sidewalk bridge erection will follow.
    Asbestos Abatement:
    • 94 Flatbush, 98 Flatbush, and 378 Schermerhorn – nearing completion; should be finished by the end of July. KGIA (townhouse portion along State Street) first, with 100 Flatbush, 102 Flatbush (aka 505 State) to follow.
    • 94 Flatbush, 378 Schermerhorn, KGIA (townhouse portion along State Street) to begin soon.
    • 98 Flatbush, 100 Flatbush, 102 Flatbush (aka 505 State) to follow.
    • Preconstruction surveys: complete; consultant is compiling reports; Alloy will share final property reports with owners who are interested
    • Vibration monitoring: vibration meters to be installed in KGIA and three townhomes on the 500 block of State Street in early July.
    • AC units and storm windows: installation ongoing.
    As physical activity begins on the site, you should reach out to Andy Burne, Director of Construction, with any urgent field conditions. His cell phone is: 718-801-1180. 
    • Alloy introduced their Direct of Construction, Andy Burne, and 718.801.8194. He will be on site when construction begins. Contact him with construction related issues and questions should they arise.
    • Project update from the previous two months:
    1. Preparation for demolition continues.
    2. Storm window and AC unit letters were sent out in March; Alloy has been responding to building owners, ordering, and installing window AC units as required by the EIS
    3. Pre-construction surveys will be completed soon for all buildings within 90 feet of the Phase 1 construction site.
    4. Utility disconnect work is mostly complete; one National Grid gas connection remains, two ConEd electric connection remain, and a couple of water/sewer connections remain on Flatbush.
    5. Extermination work has been completed and signed-off by NYC Dept of Health.
    6. KGIA townhome scope – some miscellaneous utility work in the cellar of KGIA is ongoing to allow for the demolition of the townhome portion of the school this summer.
    7. Site Safety Logistics Plan – Alloy is working with DOT to finalize the construction staging plan for the demo and construction. The results will be shared soon.
    • Project look ahead for June and July: Asbestos abatement will begin on May 30, starting with 94 Flatbush, followed by 378 Schermerhorn, 473 State Street (school townhome), and 98 Flatbush.
    • Scaffolding/Construction Fence – will begin middle/late June.
    • Demolition will begin in July.

    • Other business: Alloy is working with Downtown Brooklyn Partnership to apply for the City Canvas Program that will allow art work on the construction fences.
    • Preconstruction surveys of buildings on the 500 block of State Street are underway; hoping to wrap up in the next week or two
    • Storm windows and window AC units are in the process of being purchased and installed at eligible properties. NOTE: the window for either pre-construction surveys or storm window/AC unit installation is closing as physical demolition on site is about to begin
    • The final tenant on site (CKO Kickboxing) has relocated to their new space across the street.
    • We have awarded the abatement and demolition scope of work to Titan Industrial Group; Titan is a prevailing wage contractor that has contractually committed to meeting our aggressive MWLBE goals through their various subcontracts. Asbestos abatement will likely begin shortly and demolition will follow once the abatement work is completed and signed off. The first three buildings to be demolished are (i) the townhome connected to the school, (ii) the pawnshop at 378 Schermerhorn, and (iii) 94 Flatbush.


    • Con Ed is scheduled to disconnect electrical lines for a couple of the buildings on April 9; those lines are in State Street, so you should expect some activity around that time; obviously we don’t control Con Ed, it mayl happen that day or not.
    • An exterminator has been retained to exterminate any rats that may exist in the buildings prior to demolition (we don’t know of any rat issues); this is required by the City before any demolition permit is issued
    • We’ve retained a firm to do pre-construction surveys of adjacent properties before the start of construction; letters should be going out next week to begin scheduling walkthroughs
    • The final tenant on site (CKO Kickboxing) is expecting to relocate to their new space across the street this week or next.
    • Still on schedule for a May/June mobilization for demolition.

    March/ April/May - cap utilities, hazardous material removals, monitoring in place, etc.

    May - construction fence up, parking restrictions, Schermerhorn slip closure

    June - demolition begins

    Sept/ Oct – excavation with soil and dust monitoring

    November - foundations begin


    • Prep for demo begun with disconnect/capping of electric, gas, water and sewer building by building. National Grid has been on site. Con Ed has disconnected one building and will continue this work.
    • Still expect demo to begin in late spring or by July and last through 2019.
    • The EIS identified noise as an unmitigated adverse effect, therefore Alloy will install double pane windows on State Street residences, the YWCA and Third Avenue. Alternate means of ventilation are also required so AC will be provided for those who don't have. All this needs to happen before major demo. They will be contacting residents soon.
    • The will be a pre-construction survey of all buildings on the 500 block and KGHS. Building conditions will be surveyed and archived. This includes crack monitors placed at any existing crack. A monitoring plan is part of this process which LPC reviews. Once completed Alloy will share with the community. This will be done by a licensed engineer and includes real time vibration monitoring. A consultant for this work has not yet been retained.
    • Extermination survey and baiting will happen before demo. A rodent mitigation plan will be submitted for approval to the Department of Health prior to demo.
    • Expect asbestos abatement to begin soon. Notices will be posted, and air monitoring is part of this process
    • Air monitoring is also required when soil is disturbed. This will end once a foundation is poured.
    • Triton may be the General Contractor but as of now they are only working on the pre-construction elements. A Site Safety & Logistics Plan has not been finalized. We asked them to share this when available. They agreed. DOT is involved with the logistics plan.
    • Street closures will begin with Schermerhorn slip and later State Street's two northern lanes. Expect this to occur in May.
    • Alloy promised to pay attention to dust and idling. They will make trucks comply.
    • They will have a point person in their office for complaints and offered to make these numbers available soon. They will also provide contacts for the GC.
    • They mentioned a "Site Fence Program" that provides something better than the standard green wall. We asked for photos of other locations. They agreed to provide. Downtown Arts Alliance said they wanted to be involved in selecting this.
    • Expect to see State Street fences and lane closure when demo begins this summer. All parking on State Street will be restricted. Expect this to occur in May.


    MWLBE and School Communication (Minority, Women-owned, Local Business Enterprises)

    • Alloy has been working on a MWLBE plan with two agencies: Building Skills and Team Brown Consulting.
    • Alloy has met with the UFT, KG PTA and faculty to explain construction and safety procedures. One of the school buildings, the townhouse, will come down after school ends. This will result in the loss of some classrooms. KGIA is working with SCA to make up this space.



    • Designs are 20-30 % complete. Alloy says "there is not much to show - mostly engineering and detail resolution. Nothing has changed." These are technical elements about how the current design is achieved. They will share details and samples of exterior building materials when they are selected later in the process.
    • A wind study of the building was required. We asked if this could take in a larger area than just their building. We mentioned the current windy conditions nearby. They were not sure this can be done but we asked that they look at ground level and pedestrian conditions.



    • They shared a proposal for Flatbush that would enlarge the south sidewalk by 7 feet. This is achieved by eliminating the current stripe median in the middle of Flatbush. DOT led a scoping about two years ago where the median was going to be converted into a planted area. We pointed this out to them and said if it moves forward, they need to engage CB2 via the Transportation Committee. The plan also showed Schermerhorn extension as a plaza closed to vehicles. They said DOT was in favor of this plaza. The plan also includes a new traffic signal just north of State Street on Flatbush but did not include several neck-downs and cut ins. Alloy was asked to include these elements that had already received wide support in their earlier plan, and they agreed.
    • We asked them to publish a two-month look ahead and start sending information about activities now. They were going to wait until construction begins but we stressed communication now to let residents know what's going on and open communication. They said for the next two months it will be "a lot of the same".
    • There was a conversation about retail tenancy as they are in the early stages of tenant outreach. They said it really depends on a lot of factors (locations, parcel sizes, etc.) but the group asked for retail that serves the current community to be included/ local considerations. Alloy said the parcel directly opposite the Apple store will likely be a brand like Muji.
    • One community member asked Alloy "use their evil for good" and to push city agencies to deliver. For example, push DOT to look at the impact on traffic of shutting down both 3rd Ave and State Street and Schermerhorn Slip and to think about traffic mitigation. The same community member also asked them to make an investment in Sixteen Sycamores Park. They are open to it but said they need a tangible task to address.